Without explaining the buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds

  • We all know that Neverwinter’s all Servers have been down for many hours and its auction house is still closed at the moment. Now the servers are back on but they have done rollbacks.So for those of you that were hoping to get in some time with Neverwinter on a lazy Sunday, you probably noticed that all is not well in the D&D inspired Cryptic Studios MMORPG. Following the game’s social media outlets probably gave you a basic idea of exactly what was going on.

    Without explaining the exploit in step by step detail, an exploit focused around being able to buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds enter values in the auction house that really shouldn’t have been allowed was abused and thus astral diamonds were being duplicated. This quickly led to items being posted for absurd values so duplication could be completed on larger scales.Since Astral Diamonds can be exchanged for Zen (Perfect World’s Cash currency) in Neverwinter, this duplication had real life money implications in multiple ways.